At Texas A&M the Aggie Sweethearts truly embody the 12th Man by always being ready to step in and help out at anytime. As an Aggie Sweetheart, the Service pillar is a main foundation of our organization. Our members constantly put others before themselves in order to help those who need it most. Not only do we serve the Bryan/College Station area, but we extend our helping hands and caring hearts to the whole state! A big center of focus for us is serving the Boys and Girls Club in Bryan, TX. Whether it's serving our campus, our community, or each other, you can count on us doing it! In the service committee we organize all of the service events through the year and help keep track of the hours for each member. We will have our main event in the fall to help raise money for Boys and Girls club, Participate in big Event in the spring, and will do various other things through out the remainder of the year. 


Spirit committee strives to unite Aggie Sweethearts and our entire student body by highlighting the sacred traditions and epic sporting events going on at A&M.  We also celebrate the personal achievements that every student at our university experiences in their 4 (or more) collegiate years. We combine our efforts with other organizations to cheer on our Aggies during all seasons. In addition, Spirit dedicates its time and efforts to being more involved with our beloved campus traditions that make A&M truly one of a kind. From tailgates and Ring Days, to 21st birthdays and Silver Taps, Spirit committee knows there's always an event that could use a little hype! Each member of Spirit is so cherished because every girl brings a unique perspective regarding the perfect college experience. The Spirit Committee plays an integral role in the Sweetheart organization!  


Philanthropy is about transforming the world around you. Our main goal is to support our philanthropy, the Hill Country Children's Advocacy Center. HCCAC provides justice and healing for victims of child abuse through forensic and counseling services. By coordinating events to raise awareness and funds, we are able to help transform the lives of many. For more information about HCCAC, check out their website!  


Sisterhood is the heart of this organization. That feeling of belonging and always knowing you have someone to lean on is incredibly comforting, especially at such a big university. It’s important for us to retain a close bond as an organization in order to better serve our community as well as create lasting friendships and memories. Sisterhood creates "Sweetheart families": Grand Big, Big, and Little. Retreats and fun events help to create bonds that last a lifetime.


Being a part of social committee consists of planning and organizing social events. These events are created to strengthen the connections between the men's women's organizations on campus. Committee members choose what organizations and fraternities that we mix with. By being a part of this committee, you will help plan mixers, date parties, semi formal, and formal. Social events are fun for everyone! 


Aggie Sweethearts fundraising is important because it is how we raise money for the "fun stuff." Without fundraising, we would not be able to order the block shirts that we do each year, and we'd have less money to give back into the community and into the organization! Fundraising allows you to practice your organization, and social skills because we have to branch out to local businesses to plan profit shares and such.  

College Station, TX

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